Our Services

Our services are focused on being a support tool for Insurance Companies, Loss Adjusters and Loss Commissioners in the resolution of claims.

Salvage of Goods

Se denomina “salvamento de mercancías” a la gestión de minimizar los daños producidos durante un siniestro, también abarca el rescate de los objetos que después del siniestro han resultado indemnes o afectados.
The salvage management of these assets contributes to the sustainability and implies a change of model towards the circular economy, stimulating the recycling technology and second life.
We have acquisition capacity in different sectors and we offer our service as advisors for the appraisal, valuation, transportation and purchase of damaged assets.

Recycling and controlled destruction

30 years of success and experience in recycling and disposal management.

Actualmente es primordial contar con opciones de reciclaje rentables, que cumplan con los requisitos técnicos y oficiales.

Innovative and economically attractive proposals are necessary, respectful of the environment in view of the increasingly strict legislation on waste recycling.

At TIXCOM we have set out to achieve this goal in the short term. WIDE experience in waste management services.

We collect all important data, clarify the reliability of the planned recycling with the responsible supervisory authorities and organize the transports.

We work exclusively with certified companies in the management industry, waste treatment and transportation, we guarantee regular audits of our waste disposal partners.

Stock Management

Time is money: Speed and efficiency to limit losses

We have a team with extensive experience and mobility.